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The launch of Fasti.me

We are announcing the launch of Fasti.me service! This is a +1 "Thank You" from your partners, friends, and loved ones for simplifying the process of organizing meetings!

The main idea behind Fasti.me is the value of time. It's a service for creating personalized calendars, planning, and organizing meetings.

While there are many calendar program clones in the Runet (Russian Internet), and they are undoubtedly useful, Fasti.me goes further by helping schedule meetings in just a few clicks! Your clients will see the date and your available time slots for booking on a personalized link. They can choose the meeting format – online or offline, and the location – virtual (Zoom, Yandex Teleconference) or a physical address.

Configure an unlimited number of meeting and event types, integrate with your other calendars, create personalized links, and add them to your website as beautiful widgets or share them with your clients in messengers.

See you on Fasti.me - the place where time works for you!
If you need assistance with settings and instructions, please feel free to contact us using any convenient method: fasti.me

If you haven't started planning your meetings with Fasti.me yet, it's time to begin! Contact us via email: info@fasti.me

Information about the service
February 2023